Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~Mad for Mad Men~

I am completely and totally hooked on Mad Men. Have you seen it? I can't decide if I want to punch Donald Draper in the face or have him sneak up behind me and put his arm around my waist in that possessive way that he does while he sweeps my hair over to one side so he can kiss my collar bone. And what about Peggy Olsen? I LOVE how she is managing to work her way up in an early 1960's "man's world" but then there's that little thing of her sleeping with a married man and having a baby which she quickly gave to the State of New York. What the heck is up with that? But what I really really LOVE about Mad Men is the fashion. I am new to Mad Men and have been renting the different seasons from Blockbuster. Right now I am up to Season 2 Disc 1. Last night the episode featured Valentine's Day 1961. As soon as I saw Betty walk into the hotel to meet Don for their Valentine's dinner and overnight stay I instantly fell in love with her dress. But....not only did I fall in love with her dress it made me think of how DRESSED she was. Gorgeous dress with full crinoline, stockings, high heels, elbow length gloves, earrings; crystal necklace, fur cape and crystal earrings. (not to mention the lingerie she was wearing underneath!!) Now that is what I would call DRESSED UP! And all of this just to meet her husband for dinner. Seeing Betty in all of her glamour made me wonder when it all changed. When did ladies stop meeting their husbands looking like they just stepped out of a magazine cover. I know we are all busy and trust me I am a jeans and flip flop kind of girl but that doesn't mean that I don't like to get dressed up every now and then. I saw a young girl maybe 18 in a coffee shop the other day and she was wearing a knit dress. I could tell it was vintage and when I commented on it she confirmed that it was. Her vintage dress that she literally threw on with a pair of sandals looked comfy and yet put together and pretty. Pretty being the reason it stood out to me in the first place. Why is it that a vintage item looks more feminine and pretty than one bought today? My young girl at the coffee shop helped me confirm that even though us ladies don't have hours and hours to spend getting ready to see our husbands like Betty did, grabbing any vintage item whether it be a vintage purse, dress, sweater or scarf instantly makes us look more feminine. My advice for Fall 2011.....throw on something from the 1950s or 1960s. You would be amazed at how feeling pretty can be achieved so easily!!